Maintaining your system:

Air conditioner maintenance In most homes, central air conditioners work together with an existing forced-air system to cool and circulate air.  The air is cooled when it passes over the central air conditioner’s evaporator coil, which is the main component of the system located inside the house.  The cooled air then travels through the ducts into the home while room-temperature air is pulled into the furnace’s return air duct, beginning the cycle again. The condeser unit, which is located outside the home, is the other main component of the central air conditioning system.  Both the evaporator coil and condenser are sealed systems, and require servicing by a professional technician.  However, homeowners can perform some basic air conditioner maintenance that can keep the system’s components clean and functioning properly.

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Gas furnace maintenance

It’s a good idea to perform basic annual furnace maintenance each fall to ensure your heating system is running efficiently. Basic maintenance can include each of the parts that makes up your heater system.

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