Wall Furnace

Gravity Conventional-Vent

Cozy Gravity Wall Furnaces mount on any inside or outside wall (single wall only), providing both circulated and radiant heat in an economical package. Available in single or dual wall models, each fits between any standard 16” center stud space. Available in 25,000, 35,000 and 50,000 BTU’s, Cozy Gravity Wall Furnaces provide ample heating for new constructions, additions, and other hard to heat areas.




Cozy Product Features

Neutral Baked Enamel Finish — Resists fading and cleans easily with a damp cloth

Resettable Blocked Flue Safety Device — Automatically shuts the unit off in the event of flue blockage or incorrect vent installation

“Unibody” Grill Construction — Heavy gauge steel eliminates heat warpage

Self Energizing Controls — Provide their own power, eliminating heat loss even during a power failure

430 Stainless Steel, Ported Burner — Provides quiet ignition/extinction and excellent flame characteristics for Natural and LP gas

Low BTU Pilot — Durably constructed of stainless steel and provides maximum efficiency during standby

Continuous Seam Welded Combustion Chamber — Maximizes heat transfer and is warranted for ten (10) years

Optional Thermostatically Controlled Fan — Available for single and dual wall furnaces to enhance air circulation

Wall Thermostat Standard — Built-in Bulb Stat control