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With a complete line for residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications, ATCO builds products that are built to last. Over the years, ATCO has always held true to developing and delivering the highest quality products available. Their products meet the most stringent national and international standards. It is this commitment to quality that has led ATCO to receive numerous awards and industry recognition year after year.

Atco UL Insulated Products

ATCO #036 with R value 6.0(R6), and #031 with R value 8.0(R8) are designed for indoor use as a supply and return air duct in residential and commercial low-to-medium pressure heating and air conditioning systems. Both models can be used as a complete air duct system and/or a branch duct connecting to mixing boxes, diffusers, light troffers, room inlets, or other terminal devices. All thermal performance (R-Values) are classified by Underwriters Laboratories(UL) in accordance with ADC Flexible Duct Performance and Installation Standard using ASTM C-518, at installed wall thickness, on flat insulation only.

R6 and R8 Duct.

atco ducts
A double lamination of tough polyester which encapsulates a steel wire helix forms the air-tight inner core. The double-layer core of each product is wrapped in multiple thicknesses of fiberglass insulation. Both products are sheathed in a rugged and durable tri-directionally reinforced, metallized polyester jacket.
  • Air-tight Inner Core – Energy efficient / No fiberglass erosion into air stream
  • Encapsulated Wire Helix – No unraveling when cut to length / Quick installation
  • Smooth Inner Core – Low friction loss / Low operating cost
  • Thick Blanket of Fiberglass Insulation – Energy efficient / Excellent thermal characteristics
  • Tough Reinforced Metallized Polyester Jacket – Tear and puncture resistant / Low maintenance.
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