Duct System

R6 and R8 Duct


A double lamination of tough polyester which encapsulates a steel wire helix forms the air-tight inner core. The double-layer core of each product is wrapped in multiple thicknesses of fiberglass insulation. Both products are sheathed in a rugged and durable tri-directionally reinforced, metallized polyester jacket.


  • Air-tight Inner Core – Energy efficient / No fiberglass erosion into air stream
  • Encapsulated Wire Helix – No unraveling when cut to length / Quick installation
  • Smooth Inner Core – Low friction loss / Low operating cost
  • Thick Blanket of Fiberglass Insulation – Energy efficient / Excellent thermal characteristics
  • Tough Reinforced Metallized Polyester Jacket – Tear and puncture resistant / Low maintenance

If you would like to know how a duct system operates and the importance of a of a properly designed please visit How it works: Duct System in our customer resources section.