Air filters keep atmospheric dust and other airborne particulates from surface buildup on an HVAC system’s fan motor, heating and cooling coils and drip pan. Without clean air filters, a furnace or air conditioning system would soon choke on its air intake, leading to clogged coils and dirty air ducts. Next, the forced air begins spreading microscopic air impurities inside the building through these dirty air ducts. Furthermore, without a constant flow of clean air, heating and cooling systems soon overheat and automatically shut off. After this happens repeatedly, the overloaded system may break down entirely. Moreover, the ratio of air pressure change across an air filter affects the system’s performance. A dirty air filter requires more power to push the air through, which leads to an overworked HVAC system and higher energy bills.


Allergy Gold Filters

The Allergy Gold electrostatic air filter is easy to install, it simply replaces the air filter you are currently using. It needs no assembly, no special installation, and uses no electricity. It requires only regular cleaning every 30 to 60 days to maintain the filters high efficiency. All Allergy Gold furnace filters come standard with pull tabs that allow easy removal of the air filter from the HVAC unit. They are also equipped with drain holes to allow water to quickly exit after cleaning. The electrostatic air filters durable aluminum frame resists corrosion while providing a strong frame for the filtration media. Welded wire grid used on both sides of the filter ensures the media will stay in place even in the most powerful HVAC systems. The filtration media consists of two layers of polypropylene media, and one layer of anti-microbial foam. This combination makes the Allergy Gold 90% efficient in removing airborne particulates. 40 standard sizes are available. Custom sizes too. Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Filters. Benefits Lifetime Warranty 90-Day Money-back Guarantee 90% Efficiency Three Layers of Filtration Media Anti-Microbial Media Core Durable Gold-Anodized Aluminum Frame Pull Tab For Easy Filter Removal Drain Holes For Quick Water Drain After Cleaning Specifications Peak Arrestance: 90%