About Spruce:

Founded in 2015 when Clean Power Finance and Kilowatt Financial merged.

Spruce Lending, Inc.(Spruce) is a private company that provides homeowners with simple, affordable financing for residential solar systems and efficiency improvements.

How can Spruce help you?

Spruce specializes in providing customer relationship management solutions to electric, gas and water utilities. Whether you want to reduce your electric bills with solar energy, or make your home more comfortable with water conservation and energy efficiency upgrades, Spruce has financing that fits your needs, budget, and credit. Smart home improvements like high-efficiency HVAC, efficient water heaters, windows, and insulation can help you save money and make your home more comfortable.

Program Highlights:

Attractive financing rates & flexible options

Easy application process

Up to 12-year terms

Substantial credit lines

Credit underwriting that goes beyond FICO score

No Need to Mail Paper Documents (Electronic Signature Options)

Approvals on deals with FICO as low as 600

To learn more about Spruce please visit: SpruceFinance.com